Thursday, July 2, 2009

Makeup doesnt make the girl. . .

I choose for my blog to be about makeup because ever since i was little i thought it was something really fascinating and it always intrigued me.The first thing i ever bought, i wish was a little more sophisticated like red lipstick,liquid eyeliner or, concealer. It was clear mascara. Everytime i put it on i got really excited and wish that i had more. I really started getting into makeup just a few months ago. My mom was the first person to teach my how to apply my makeup. She only taught me one time and after that i picked up everything by myself. I'm not a perfect makeup artist i still need to learn the tricks, but i get my hands on everything i can. I watch What Not to Wear just for Carmindy's makeup tricks. I learn alot from her and she is one of my idols. My first makeup kit i ever got was from my aunt. It was filled with Clinique (and i thank her very much for that). My collection has grown at a rapid speed. Im always like i need that and that! It makes me happy because everytime you get something new your collection not only grows,but you can mix and match it with other makeup and get different results everytime. I still have alot to learn, but if you love something nothing will stop you.

P.S. couldnt of been possible without my friend morena, who inspires me everyday in a new way. I dont wish to be just like her, but i wish that her love and passion rub off on me. :)check out her website at . . . thanks morena.

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  1. Aww Taylor. Thanks for the little "P.S." part. Haha, but my website is called Too Haute to Handle, but the actual link is:


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