Thursday, July 9, 2009

smile, its a beautiful day.

During the past few days i have been receiving gifts from my family. i got a pair of swarovski earrings that are just so pretty. I also got a bracelet from my grandma and its so nice. And then my mom bought me a really pretty shirt from nordstrom i love it so much. I'm not happy just about the gifts im happy that people remember me when they go out somewhere and they want to buy me something, they dont have to it's just really nice that they do. When i woke up today, i felt so happy. i dont really know why, but i felt like if i didnt do anything with my happiness i was going to burst with laughter and giggles. I found out that blogging actually makes me happy! I think its the fact that you can share about almost anything and people are going to comment on it, and most of the time they have nice things to say. I didnt really have anything to talk about today, but i noticed that i didn't have anything to talk about becasue my day has only started. And i didn't start this blog to entertain people i started it for the people who feel like we have something in common to read about my life and i will read about their life. I realized that having a blog isn't easy. I'm always on this thing 24/7. i get tons of ideas from other people. And creating a blog is extremly difficult. It's hard to get things to look a certain way. And for those of you who have your blog just the way you want it, i gave you a round of applause because this is hard. I'm sure that i'm not done writting for today so expect me to add more.

with love.


  1. Isn't it great when you just feel really happy for no real reason?! :)
    ps: I want to see your swarovski earrings. I've actually been wanting to get a pair.


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