Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Changes!

Hello ladies,
I'm always thinking about ways to improve the things i do. So some days i sit around thinking about life and the things it has to offer. I realized that everyone has flaws and nobody is perfect. I give myself a hard time over the stupidest things now that i come to think about it. I want everybody to know that there perfect just the way they are. On a non serious note: I have been doing some blogger research, if i may call it that. I want to improve my blog and attract more readers. I came up with the " Weekly Inspirations" which is a quote that is supposed to inspire you through the week. I'm still in the process of coming up with new and unique ideas. I want this blog to be one of a kind. So if you guys see anything that needs to be improved or something that will make this blog better, just let me know.(Don't worry about hurting my feelings). Now, on a more fun note. I had an outstanding weekend, here are some pictures. I went to the beach, I went to concert in the park, and i went to a bonfire! Tons of fun!!

Have nice day.
xoxo taylor

dont be shy! email me. i love the things you have to say.And all of you are so unique. I would love to get to know all of you personally.


  1. And I would love to get to know you personally too! You really seem like a nice person.

    Honestly, your blog is just fine! No need to change anyhing, really. It's attractive and interesting as is! :)

  2. Great blog! keep up the hard work Taylor!

  3. Your blog is fine just how it is. Don't get caught up in trying to make a unique blog, it's too, idk annoying. Thanks for checking mine out btw :)

  4. I really love your 'About Me', it's sweet. And thank you for checking out my little blog, I'm all better now :)
    Long Beach, Californiaaaaa. You can't hear me, obviously, but the way I'm saying it is the reason I just wrote it.
    Thanks for following my blog :) x

  5. I'm adoring your blog the way it is. The layout is super sweet! Btw, it seems like you had a great time! Happy weekend!


  6. You come across as such a nice person :) Really nice blog.

  7. awesome, i love concerts (:

    i haven't been to a forever21 yet, i know, that's sad haha but hopefully i will get to shop there soon. i've been on the website and seen their amazing stuff, but shipping would be so expensive (i live in mexico) maybe next time i go shopping to the USA (:


  8. Love the photos! Looks like you had a great time. I love your blog and think it's awesome you want to improve it. Shows how much you love it! :)

  9. Have I mentioned I love your profile song? If I haven't, I LOVE IT!

    And your blog is super cute, by the way.



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