Saturday, August 8, 2009

Busy Bracelets

I have to say that for the rest of the month, i might not have to the time to blog. Starting Monday i am taking some over the summer AP prep classes for history. I'm so not excited, and then that weekend I'm going to Las Vegas. And the next two weeks i have ASB meetings ( because i am, of course Vice President). I'm really busy, and time is valuable. I will take pictures though, and put them on my blog as soon as i can. I have a new bracelet to show you guys, it's not a charm bracelet which is why it's not going to be in my collection, but it's really cute! I'm still working on getting my little Charm bracelets up and running.

This bracelet is for morena


  1. cute bracelet!!!

  2. Love the bracelet! Good luck in school!

  3. Awww you'll be gone for quite a long time? Nooooo! But anyway, good luck with your endeavors. Come back soon and take good care, k? :)

  4. This bracelet is so cute!
    Did you make it yourself?
    Kind of reminds me of the pandora ones ;)
    Beth xx


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