Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Absent and very sorry

i feel like i haven't talked to all of you in such a long time, but i recently have been very busy. While i was away i got a blogger award from my friend Jessica. YAY! And i have been tagged.( i will get to the questions later.) I really missed all of you. I have been getting up at five every morning for the past three weeks and getting home at two, so you can believe how tired i am. My eye lids are getting lower and lower as we speak. I also had an amateur photo shoot. It was tons of fun, i did her makeup and i was the photographer! I can't put up any pictures of my fantastic work because the model wishes me not to. Sometimes my life is one long express that never ends, and like every other ride it has it's twist and turns, but in the end when i got off i realize i wouldn't change anything about it. OH! BTW, i bought a really cute clutch bag from . . . TARGET!

I love it so much. A couple of days ago i heard this song and i thought it would relate really well to how i was feeling, and instead of writing a really long post about my feeling and my problems i would let you hear the song and let it speak for itself. The song that I'm talking about is the current one that's playing on my music player. I want all of you all to listen to it. I know, it's Hannah Montana, but if you give it a chance it's quite amazing.Below is a glimpse of the lyrics:

Maybe I will never be
Who I was before
Maybe I don't know her anymore
Maybe who I am today
Ain't so far from yesterday
Can I find a way to be
Every part of me

I don't wanna wait too long
To find out where I'm meant to belong
I've always wanted to be where I am today
But I never thought I'd feel this way

i hope you enjoy it! And now for the questions!

What's your current obsession?
My current obsession it for sure sketching, i love the feeling i get and i love how i don't get judged
Some friends of mine are feeling very bitter but also very emotional and that hurts me a lot.I'm all about making every one's day the best it could possibly be, by whatever means possible

What is your horoscope and do you relate?
I am a Scorpio, I'm supposedly hard-headed and very tempered. I am for sure very tempered, but keeping my patience is something i want to work on.

What are you wearing today?
Today, oh gosh, i had to wear uniform so i wore dark blue pants with a long v-neck cardigan with a gold belt rapped around the waist.

What's the last thing you bought?
mmmm. . . . the last thing i bought was about 1 week ago it was red kitten heels with a little bow on the front from Target for only like $12!

What do you think about the last person who tagged you?
I think she's fantastic, and someone who has a wonderful blog.

What's for dinner?
Ummm, that is not up to me, but i would like some string beans!

What's your favourite decade, fashion wise?
I would have to say the 80's, so unique and innovative

What are your must haves for Summer?
A really cute, white top that fits just perfectly and really cute head bands.

What would you be able to afford ?
I want to open my store in a little tiny neighborhood.

What's your favourite piece of clothing from your wardrobe?
clothing? I have so much i can't pick! But I'm in love with this shirt i got from nordstrom, it's in an older post, but i will put the picture in again just to remind all of you who weren't with me during that time.

What's your dream job?
I can't tell you what my perfect job would be because i haven't discovered myself yet. I would love to stay focused in fashion though or journalism either would be wonderful and fulfill my life long journey

What's your favourite magazine?
Teen Vogue, it's at my level( of fashion, not reading)

What do you consider a fashion faux pas ?
To not dress your body type, you wear what everybody else is wearing. To look the best you have to dress the body you have no the body you wish to have or see on the runway.

Describe your personal style?
rummaging through an old trunk in grandma's closet.

Which is your favourite Beatle?
i don't know, i would have to look that up

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of me. I push myself everyday, i always try to say hi to someone i don't know. I'm proud of things i done, but I'm the one who did them.

Okay, lots of questions! But i hope it helped all of you get to know me better.


  1. Brilliant ! and may I say I love the clutch and the shoes too !
    I can see when someone has already that very own special style and thing about her that can't be explained...
    Keep up the good work, in every way !

  2. Hey Taylor. I've gone MIA too, my brain cells haven't been in full battery mode lately. Good to know you're back. :)

  3. I was in the states this past week and I am OBSESSED with Target!! I wish we had it here in Canada :(
    I have to write a blog and show pics of the stuff I got. Loving the clutch btw :) I got a pink one at Kohl's - Candie's at 80% off!!!!

  4. Hey Taylor, I just want to let you know that I really love your blog. I'm a follower apparently, even though I don't remember doing that. Haha but I saw this on my profile and read the first post, and I've read every other post as well now. It's great! I just started a blog, so check it out if you have the time :)


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